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what we do

technology services

Nobody is future-proof.  The best businesses maximize their technology investment and stand firm on it.

Whether the next step is a proactive leap towards a new competitive edge, or an adaptive maneuver for changing conditions, we ensure that you end up steps ahead of the competition.

Your technology investments should make sense.


  • Process, Communication, Cloud and Business Architecture
  • Core Applications
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Data Center Operations
  • Vendor Procedures and SLAs
  • Staff, Skills, and Competencies
  • Digital Capabilities (Human and Technological)
  • Organizational Sustainability and Disaster Readiness
  • Leadership Strategy and Policies
  • Pre-existing Improvement Plans


  • Kick off cohesive team and stakeholder collaboration
  • Map data silos and missed opportunities for automation
  • Find key emerging technology to fit or redefine competitive edge
  • Align corporate with front lines on new technologies and practices


  • Critical information visualized for business intelligence insights
  • Digital strategy with recommendations in sequenced chunks
  • Feasibility analysis comparing necessary and sufficient options
  • A list of the required people, technologies, and structures


We led an expedited ERP evaluation and selection for Bell Canada – Northwestel, enabling a migration off an AS/400 JDE.

Created RFPs for vendors, stating requirements, business processes, workflows, and desired enterprise architecture.

Assisted with vendor evaluation with analysis, demo sessions, and overall solution assessment.

Completed in 5 months.


As part of SAP America’s Global Customer Operations team, we managed multiple concurrent projects and business stakeholders to enhance SAP CRM solutions.

Resolved conflicts and improved morale among collaborators, emphasizing relationship development between departments and rallying agile and scrum meetings for sprint coordination.

Completed a $1 MM CRM Enhancement Project, $ 250K under budget, managing 8 resources and 4 stakeholders across 3 continents.

Managed an 8 person team at a budget of $2 MM to oversee tablet functions and UX for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer – a new SAP Cloud based mobile CRM.

hr services

It’s natural to take on more than you can handle. Whether you’re going beyond your own job description or trying to help others not go beyond theirs.

We have a genuine interest in connecting powerful individuals. Our experience tells us who to connect and how to keep them connected.

We’ve met your match.


  • Full-time, part-time, and temporary
  • Junior and senior roles
  • Outreach on public and private venues
  • Character screening
  • Interview management
  • Aptitude tests and job simulations
  • Job orientation


  • Learn your culture, corporate identity, and unique rhythm
  • Create a deep profile and candidate map
  • Pursue non-traditional methods for finding hidden gems
  • Support placed candidates and take ownership of their fit


  • Recruits of character and conviction that matches yours
  • Accelerated onboarding resulting from early integration tests
  • Teams energized by familiar-but-new collaborative sparks
  • Retained context of your business for future recruitment needs


We supplied the Canadian branch of the global Mirum Agency with recruitment, training, and macro HR strategy.

Advised & lead managers with recruitment campaigns – job descriptions, postings, interviewing & reference checking, presentation of offer and on-boarding.

Provided legislation compliance, management of grievances and investigations, proactive strategies for improved well-being, and both sourcing and administering of external training.

Managed LMO applications for international employees.

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