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the team

mangowave occupies a rare niche.

we can always say: “yes, that is something we can solve!"

All modern businesses depend equally on their people as on their systems, and recognize the deepening relationship between the two. But most consultancies specialize in only half the story, leaving the modern business in the dark as to how the pieces should fit.

We’re a one stop shop with specialists from both sides, covering the whole picture.

But we don’t think one size fits all.

Is your tech the challenge? Or your talent? Whichever half you’re looking at first, we bet you’ve got some pretty good things going on with the other. Don’t ignore those things, and don’t change them either. Finding your better half starts with recognizing that good stuff you’ve already got.

Haneen Daouk

Co-Founder, Always Chasing Unicorns

Haneen Daouk is Mangowave’s head of executive recruitment and HR consulting.

Her approach to fit is deep integration. In helping her clients identify their skill gaps, culture goals, and communication silos, Haneen creates holistic plans that turn talent addition into talent multiplication.

Haneen has spent over 10 years harmonizing teams and energizing businesses towards compliance. Her compassion is renowned across established outfits that include Mirum Canada and Ari Agency. Today, she maintains there-when-you-need-her partnerships with clients who love her knack for finding their kind of rockstars.

Samer Daouk

Co-Founder, Tech Management Consultant - UX Enthusiast - Projects Delivered

Samer Daouk is Mangowave’s lead business technology consultant and project management professional (PMP).

Across blended roles that vary from team leader, to key negotiator, to change evangelist, to senior designer and on, Samer’s decision making style consistently marries Design Thinking with stakeholder requirements.

His 15+ years of process re-engineering has spanned product development, supply chain, and all things information architecture. Samer has helped scale over a dozen startups and has been brought on by industry giants like Blackberry, SAP AG, and McCarthy Tetrault.

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